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New Electronics International Gauges, Door Lock

We have a new Electronics International CHT/GHT Gauges and Super Clock waiting for installation. We also have a new extra secure approved door lock.



EC-1: Single Channel EGT/CHT Kit, 2 1/4″ Mount, 2.5″ Depth, 16 Oz. Kit, STCd, TSOd, PMAd, 1 Degree Resolution, Accurate within 1/2%, Viewable in direct sunlight.



May be set to display in a 12 or 24-hour format. Displays Zulu Time. A 10-year lithium battery keeps the clock running even if the aircraft battery is removed. Displays an Up Timer. This Timer will start running when the engine is started. In this manner the Timer acts as an automatic Flight Timer. The Up Timer may be started, stopped or reset. A Recurring Alarm may be set to alert you at appropriate time intervals. Example: If the alarm is set for 30 minutes, you will get an alarm at 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, etc. This alarm can be used to remind you to check your fuel level or switch tanks at set time intervals. Displays a Down Timer. This Timer counts down from a programmed start time. The Down Timer may be started, stopped or reset. Warning lights above the LCD display will blink if the Up or the Down Timer times out. Displays an Engine Timer. This Timer acts as a Hobbs Meter. When the engine starts, the Engine Timer will run. The Engine Timer displays total engine time in hours, tenths and hundredths of an hour.

Prop Issues

Just before Oshkosh we had an issue with the 172 not starting. This turned out to be bad mag couplers. New magnetos were installed and an engine run out was performed by the mechanic. The plane was flown back home.

April 2022 Maintenance

The plane will be out of service for several days mid-April for the installation of Hobbes meter. Going forward, time will be charged via Hobbes instead of tach time. The aircraft flight log has been updated with a Hobbes time column. Please log both tach time and Hobbes time in/out for each flight.

The port door lock has been broken. A replacement is on order. Please exercise caution when unlocking the door. Forcing it will cause the lock to break again. Until the lock has been replaced, spare headsets and the tablet should be stored in the hangar after each flight.

March Maintenance

The club has decided to remove the AV-30 from N5860A as it is redundant now that we have dual G5s installed. The AV-30 is being sold, and proceeds will be added to the general maintenance fund. Our goal is to secure funding to add a JPI EDM 930 engine monitoring system by Fall of 2022.

The nose-wheel strut and shimmy dampener have been rebuilt/resealed. New engine baffling has been installed at the air intake. The wheel pants have been removed, and authentic 1956 Cessna hub caps will be installed. The club is considering the sale of the wheel pants, with proceeds to go to the general maintenance fund.

Planned April maintenance includes a new bayonet probe for the CHT and replacing any remaining engine baffling with excessive wear, removal of the back seat to install a semi-permanent dog crate for club sponsored Pilot-n-Paws activities, and repair of the leak in the auxiliary fuel tank.

Note that new tie-downs have been installed. The red tie-down ropes should remain in the baggage compartment and used for tie-downs offsite. The new shock straps at NC26 can be stored in the tie down boxes in front of the hangar.

Instrument Scholarship

The club is exploring ways to grow our membership and to offer an annual scholarship for an instrument rating to a minority individual that holds a Private airplane license or higher. Our hope is to help make the aviation community as whole more open and inclusive, and to provide financial assistance to individuals who desire a career an aviation, but are challenged by the high cost of training.

The scholarship would include 100% costs up to 60 hours for aircraft use, and a 24 month associate membership in the flying club.

Look for additional updates this summer.

Avioncs Upgrade Complete

The avoinics upgrade is complete, and the aircraft will be retruned to NC26 on 12/22 (weather permitting).

The upgrade includes the following:

  • Removal of the Vacuum System
  • Removal of the attitude indicator and directional gyro
  • Dual Garmin G5s –  PFD and HSI with GMU11 magnetometer and backup batteries
  • GAD 29 (interfaces existing Garmin GTN650xi with G5s)
  • Flightstream 510 wireless for GTN 650xi
  • New backup airspeed indicator
  • New backup compass
  • Dual push-to-talk yoke covers
  • New front and reaed headset jacks
  • Garmin GMA 345 Audio Panel
  • Replace pitot static tubing
  • Pitot-static transponder infections
  • New Weight & Balance

The AV-30 was damaged during the upgrade and has been temporarily removed. It is being repaired and re-installed (at no cost to us). Map Light is still pending installation. ETA for re-installation is sometime in January.

Photos to be added after pickup.

Seat Belts Installed, Aux Tank Leaks

The new seat belts are installed, and look great! There are velcro tabs overhead by the sun visors to hold the shoulder straps in place after you unbuckle.

The Aux tank was inspected and determined to have a leak. At this time it is placarded to not be utilized. At some point we will need to remove the trank, have a pressure check done, and any leaks welded and re-tested. This will be somewhere north of $2000, depending on the extent of the leaks.

BAS 4 Point Harness

BAS 4 Point Harness

BAS 4 Point Harness Storage

BAS 4 Point Harness Storage

Out of Service for upgrades October 13th

On or around October 13th (weather dependent, we may fly over a day earlier or later), the 172 will be heading to Lincolnton to get the four point inertial real seat belts installed in the front seats, and to have the auxilary tank boroscoped and checked for leaks. We will also try to have the replacement map light installed.  Unless there are unexpected issues, it should be completed in a few days.’

The seat belts are installed, the Form 337 filed, and the logbook signed off by the A7P. This includes a notation not to use the Aux Tank as it is leaking.

Avionics Upgrade

The avionics upgrade is scheduled for November. It will include Dual G5s, a GMA 345 audio panel/intercom (removal of the old panel/intercome), 730 engine monitor, Flightstream 510 data card, and yoke covers with push-to-talk buttons.

This will elimnate the daisy cable headset setup we have today. The existing headset jacks will be used. It will give us accurate fuel flow/fuel remaining, and a replacement for the legacy engine steam gauges (including the inoperative CHT gauge).