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Out of Service for upgrades October 13th

On or around October 13th (weather dependent, we may fly over a day earlier or later), the 172 will be heading to Lincolnton to get the four point inertial real seat belts installed in the front seats, and to have the auxilary tank boroscoped and checked for leaks. We will also try to have the replacement map light installed.¬† Unless there are unexpected issues, it should be completed in a few days.’

The seat belts are installed, the Form 337 filed, and the logbook signed off by the A7P. This includes a notation not to use the Aux Tank as it is leaking.

Avionics Upgrade

The avionics upgrade is scheduled for November. It will include Dual G5s, a GMA 345 audio panel/intercom (removal of the old panel/intercome), 730 engine monitor, Flightstream 510 data card, and yoke covers with push-to-talk buttons.

This will elimnate the daisy cable headset setup we have today. The existing headset jacks will be used. It will give us accurate fuel flow/fuel remaining, and a replacement for the legacy engine steam gauges (including the inoperative CHT gauge).


Map Light Replacement


The original map light shorted out and has been disconnected. A new map light has been ordered based on a recommnedation from Paul. It is considered a minor modification, and just needs a logbook sign off. It should be installed soon. It will have a toggle switch for off, on (white) and on (red).

Details of the light can be found at the manufacturer’s website¬† OPLight Maplight 6 Page and on the product page at Aircraft Spruce.

Four Point Intertial Seat Belts

New Seatbelts

New Seatbelts

BAS Inertial Reel 4 Point seatbelts have arrived. They will be installed as soon as we can get an A&P to assist with the installation, which is a 4-6 hour effort.

Details of the seatbelts are here: The new belts match the color of the back seat belts.