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March Maintenance

The club has decided to remove the AV-30 from N5860A as it is redundant now that we have dual G5s installed. The AV-30 is being sold, and proceeds will be added to the general maintenance fund. Our goal is to secure funding to add a JPI EDM 930 engine monitoring system by Fall of 2022.

The nose-wheel strut and shimmy dampener have been rebuilt/resealed. New engine baffling has been installed at the air intake. The wheel pants have been removed, and authentic 1956 Cessna hub caps will be installed. The club is considering the sale of the wheel pants, with proceeds to go to the general maintenance fund.

Planned April maintenance includes a new bayonet probe for the CHT and replacing any remaining engine baffling with excessive wear, removal of the back seat to install a semi-permanent dog crate for club sponsored Pilot-n-Paws activities, and repair of the leak in the auxiliary fuel tank.

Note that new tie-downs have been installed. The red tie-down ropes should remain in the baggage compartment and used for tie-downs offsite. The new shock straps at NC26 can be stored in the tie down boxes in front of the hangar.