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Avioncs Upgrade Complete

The avoinics upgrade is complete, and the aircraft will be retruned to NC26 on 12/22 (weather permitting).

The upgrade includes the following:

  • Removal of the Vacuum System
  • Removal of the attitude indicator and directional gyro
  • Dual Garmin G5s –  PFD and HSI with GMU11 magnetometer and backup batteries
  • GAD 29 (interfaces existing Garmin GTN650xi with G5s)
  • Flightstream 510 wireless for GTN 650xi
  • New backup airspeed indicator
  • New backup compass
  • Dual push-to-talk yoke covers
  • New front and reaed headset jacks
  • Garmin GMA 345 Audio Panel
  • Replace pitot static tubing
  • Pitot-static transponder infections
  • New Weight & Balance

The AV-30 was damaged during the upgrade and has been temporarily removed. It is being repaired and re-installed (at no cost to us). Map Light is still pending installation. ETA for re-installation is sometime in January.

Photos to be added after pickup.